What is Sarahah App ??

What is Sarahah? The internet's new sensation !!

If you're on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or twitter chances are your feeds have been flooded with the screenshots from an app called Sarahah. But what is the Sarahah app and why are people suddenly obsessed with it?


Sarahah means "frankness" or "honesty" in Arabic.

Sarahah app lets users send each other anonymous messages, or as its official website states, "Get honest feedback from your coworkers and friends.", in an attempt to discover your areas of strength and strengthen areas for improvement as well as improve your friendship.

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Sarahah, which means "frankness" or "honesty" in Arabic, was just a tool that would help employees provide unfiltered feedback to their employers. This app was developed by a Saudi developer, Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq and was initially meant for employees to give constructive feedback to their employers. The app still opens with this message: "Leave a constructive message :)"

The app is not the first in the digital market to allow space for self reflection, Apps like Ask.FM, Secret and Whisper had already set a precedent but weren’t quite successful .

It was launched as a as a simple web service in February 2017, became an app by June 2017. When you sign up for it, you sign up for constructive criticism, romantic revelations, bullying and hate messages. Messages like 'You look cute !!' and 'You are a fat bitch' are unsurprisingly more popular than 'Hey, you need some more focus on your presentation skills'.

The app, with millions of users, has raised some concerns of cyberbullying due to the anonymity provided. However, the anonymous messaging app has gone massively viral, with people posting screenshots of messages they receive on their social media feeds.

Here are some screenshots from sarahah users:

We wish you good luck with Sarahah ;-).